PL5 export of Olympus high-resolution files fails

Exporting Olympus high-resolution files as DNG to LrC fails in PL5 unless chromatic aberration is disabled. (Failure in block LateralCAOnCFAExecution@…[0].Execute)
Export works with PL4.

Good morning @SrMi and welcome to the forum!

Could you, please provide me with some samples+sidecars?

Please, upload them via and let me know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.


Same for me. I’ve opened the ticket # [297632]



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Hello @sgospodarenko,
I have uploaded the high-resolution file. Note that the crash occurs only when DeepPrime is selected.


Thank you! I can reproduce the issue with your files. The issue will be investigated and fixed asap.

Svetlana G.


as Svetlana said this issue is under investigation.
A kind of workaround till the a fix is released is to uncheck “lateral chromatic aberration” box in detail pannel (not the full chromatic aberration correction, only the checkbox).
But of course you might get lateral chromatic aberration on your output images.


Only just joined this site, with the aim to solve this very issue! As a new user, I thought it was me not understanding the programme properly. I too have the same problem (using an M1 MacBook Air, exporting Olympus Hi-Res files). The export starts OK, with a mix of Hi-Res and ordinary files, but as soon as a Hi-res file is to be processed, the export progress bar on the DP5 logo task button turns to red, and the program is frozen. Only solution I have found it to close and re-open the programme. Hopefully the work-around will enable me to use DxO until the fix is available. The results on high noise Olympus files is simply amazing, and the ability to move between LRC and DxO otherwise game changing for me. Will let you know if the work around fixes it for me. Thank you!


I can confirm the workaround works. Thanks for the hint on how to do this.


Just an update…

I removed Chromatic Aberration corrections from the Hi-res files from another short shoot (a mixture of Hi-Res and standard on an Olympus OM-D M1X). Files were initially downloaded in Lightroom Classic, but not processed. Then opened in DxO for processing. On completing, (minus Chromatic Aberration for Hi-Res), were exported back to Lightroom Classic as I use this for cataloguing.

Initially, download showing white progress bar on DxO icon, but when part way through (probably as first Hi-Res file processed), the white progress bar turned to red. I was concerned export was failing again. Tabbed open Lightroom to see if there were any error messages, this showed progress of downloads was continuing. Within seconds, the DxO icon turned from Red progress bar to complete.

I am not sure if tabbing open Lightroom triggered DxO to continue downloading, or if this was going to occur anyway - I was just too impatient to wait perhaps. Either way, it worked, download of around 20 files, 6 Hi-Res took only around 15 seconds on a M1 MacBook Air 16mb Ram. The Lightroom Catalog and all photo files are held on a 1TB ssd external drive (a very quick one).

I hope the additional information helps anyone that has encountered the same problem.

I also have a 2017 iMac Pro, and once I have downloaded DxO (as per their licensing agreement), will see how that manages the same process, and of course, DxO general use as well. The 27" monitor will be much better for viewing/editing. Having the files and Lightroom Catalog on the external ssd means I should be able to swap readily from one to the other machine depending on circumstances.

Just a thank you again to the forum for saving me hours of frustration with the download hitch I encountered.

I joined for exactly the same reason as well. Good to see the work around does its job, looking forward to the fix!
Thanks and best regards, Reto

I have just used the iMac Pro with a new batch of photographs. Seems to work fine too. Very slow though in comparison to the M1 MacBook Air. The iMac Pro is 3.2 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W processor and 32MB of RAM…

Progress I guess, but much easier to work on larger screen, even if slower!


issue is fixed in update of PhotoLab released today.
Please check it is fine tyo you.


Just checked and it works fine. Used files from an E-M1 Mark III on a MacBook Pro 14" with a M1 Max CPU for testing.

Thanks for fixing it so rapidly!

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