PL5 Elite, can't install update, can't find temporary file?

Running PL 5 Elite 5.15.5 on MS Surface Pro 6. Trying to install PL 5 update 5.16. Install going fine until an error alert comes up: Can’t find a temporary file needed for installation. What do I do now? Thanks.

There were some problems with one of the updates. So my guess(and it IS just a guess) is that they have disabled all
of today’s updates. So please, give it a rest and put the download of this point-update off until at least tomorrow.

Thanks. Will do, although I believe that the update was loaded on 5/30 (ie, not recent)

True, no doubt, but they’ve done something to disable it(removed a necessary file).

Was able to update PL7E this morning to 7.7.1 build 228

Yeah, me too!

@chripell You will probably have to contact support. at and get them email a link to the most recent version of PL 5(I think it’s 5.16.xx, but don’t quote me on that.) This is because the current version is PL 7.7.1.xx so you are roughly 2.5 versions(years) behind the current version.