PL5 doesn't show images in Customize panel

When double clicking an image, the image doesn’t show in Customize panel. However, if I click on a back or forward keyboard arrow the next or previous images will show.
This seems to start after updating to Ventura (OS 13)

Never came across such an issue testing DPL5 and DPL6 on macOS Ventura on M1 MacBook Air.

Have you tried with a fresh database? Rename or delete the database files in your home folder’s Library folder?

I will try deleting the DB and see. Thanks.

See this thread:

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Yes, I have had exactly that issue since moving to Ventura. Nothing I have done within DXO had any effect. Today I reinstalled Monterey and all is working again.

@migo33 - Did deleting your DB fix the issue ?

No, nothing seems to help and I am not going to revert my my OS!

if you think there is an issue with macOS 13 (Ventura), please open a support ticket here , You might want to add screenshots.

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