PL5 doesn't remember left panels when switching workspaces

PL5 doesn’t remember left panels when switching workspace.
When I switched from Standard to Advance workspace, the left window panels didn’t change. Now I need to add pallets such as Metadata and reposition them.

If you change a workspace, e.g. by adding or modifying a palette, it’s best to save the situation as a new workspace.


I didn’t change the workplace. I just toggled between the Standard and Advanced. Ummm, maybe the left panels are the same for both?

Standard and Advanced are predefined workspaces so if you toggled between them you did change the workspace. Any changes you made to the interface before you “toggled” would have been lost unless you had created a custom workspace with those settings beforehand.


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To add to what @mwsilvers and @platypus wrote, Standard and Advanced are both fixed presets, you only get what DxO chose to provide. To get everything you want you have to save your own preset.

workspaces, that is.

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Yes, that is the case.

To create your own customised Workspace, see this option; DxO_WS

John M

Yes, Workspaces is a better word but they act like “Workspace-Presets” in that when changing from one to another, the new one completely replaces the old one. I think that my point is clear.

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