PL5 completely messes up my Hierarchical Keywords when exporting

Using an external DAM I don’t know what I do with it as its not at all clear what it does.

I’m testing with XnViewMP but it doesn’t recognize PL5 keywords, but the reverse works.
I don’t know who is at fault yet.

Edit: I added Bridge to my tests and there it seems to work, the problem will probably come from XnViewMP

What we fixed is preservation of hierarchy in keywords.
Behavior in LightRoom is unchanged as it was fine but now C1 and PhotoMechanic get the correct hierarchy in keywords in exported images from PhotoLab.

@Franky , can you provide us files and description of issue on ?



The problem actually came from XnViewMP, and it was solved after talking with the developer about it.

Unfortunately, PL5.2 still adds non-hierarchical keywords to the lr:hierarchicalSubject tag, thus leading to other software not interpreting the metadata correctly.