PL5 compatibility with Monterey 12.3

Can someone please confirm if there are any known problems running PL5 on Monterey?

I am presently running Catalina but I need to upgrade for my own software development workflow, but I definitely don’t want any hassle with PL5 as it is my sanctuary when I am not coding.

I had a kind of a freeze yesterday, but can’t remember the reason. After a restart (of PL5) everything was back to normal.

Can’t say much about Monterey + M1 processors as I usually work on my Intel iMac and use the MacBook Air M1 only when abroad.

Dear Joanna,

I work with PL5 on Monterey 12.2 without problems on a MBAir M1.
Updating to 12.3 isn’t a good idea because there are a lot of problems with external monitors and game consoles, like you can read in the forums.
Users Report External Monitor Issues After Updating to macOS Monterey 12.3 - MacRumors
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Can’t confirm that (iMac Intel + Eizo), and I also tried to connect the Eizo with USB-C to the MacBook M1 without problems, but that was “dipping a toe into a puddle”, no real working involved.

I’m running a 2019 Intel MacBook Pro with an Apple Cinema Display. From what you guys have said so far, it looks like I should be OK? Is there any way to download the version previous to 12.3 as a straight upgrade to Catalina?

No idea…normally I would ask you or platypus :innocent:

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Sure, but in what topic.
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@Joanna, there are at least two ways to go.
Hint: Use an additional volume, on which you install macOS Monterey.

  1. Make sure you have a current and working backup
  2. Internal: Install macOS Monterey on it - if your drive has enough free space.
  3. External: Clone your boot drive to an external SSD and update to Monterey.
  4. External: Just install Monterey and whatever you need for testing purposes.

There are many possibilities, too many to describe all variations…get in touch for details.

  • use the terminal?
  • want a bootable installer?

Other than that: No issues with DPL5 on M1 MacBook Air with macOS 12.3.

I do confirm this issue, as after installing 12.3 on Mac mini with BenQ monitor (expecting solving other issues with 12.2) I had a black screen.
So I “simply” go back to Big Sur, and it’s ok now.

So @Joanna , unless you can have a release before 12.3, I would advise to wait until a next release is available and check if identified issues are solved…

Go to to find installers…

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Great link thank you

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The latest Version of PL5 works good on my imac with the latest version of Monterey here. I had trouble with the previous version of PL5 .

Well, I’m now in Monterey! Or, at least, I’m running Monterey on my 2019 Intel MacBook Pro with 27" Apple Cinema Display.

And, so far, PL5 seems to be behaving itself, as are most of the other apps I normally use.

I do have a SuperDuper clone of Catalina just in case.


I have had nothing but grief from using an iMac with Monterey 12 - 12.3. I found out far too late that no professional will use a Mac for fine art printing. In fact the advice given to me was to use a PC dedicated to the printer. I can not get the Print module to open in PL5 and PL Support has not come up with an answer.

Nik Collection works only intermittently and not very well. Against my wishes I’ve had to install Lightroom to handle ongoing issues. The problem seems to be the M1 chip. Intel machines seem to work just fine.

As soon as I can I’ll be ridding myself of the iMac but it’s been a costly and stressful exercise.

@Davidt, DPL5 runs nicely on my Intel iMac with macOS Big Sur 11.6.5 as well as on my M1 MacBook Air with macOS Monterey 12.3.1…but printing is not the strong suit of PhotoLab. Other applications can do better and maybe some of these offer more options and customisability on Win than on Mac, but it all depends on your personal requirements and/or expectations, which you have not listed so far.

If you search for contributions to printing by @Joanna, you might find a few hints that might help you.

That’s really odd, since professionals use them all the time.

I cannot imagine why. I regularly print exhibitions using a MacBook Pro 16" and an Apple 27" Cinema Display. No problems at all and I usually never even need to download a printer driver - macOS seems to know most printers already.

This is not the fault of running a Mac. PL5’s print module isn’t worth the electrons it consumes.

I have just bought a new Canon Image PROGRAF A2 printer and it comes with a print layout utility, which I now use. So far, I haven’t even needed to profile the printer but have the means to so do if needed.

Before that, I was running an Epson SC-P600, exported a resized version to TIFF at 240ppi and used either Preview or the ColorSync utility, both of which come free with macOS. No problems with printing using ICC profiles or the Advanced B&W mode.

I can’t speak about Nik Collection because, although I have it, I never use it - PL does everything I need.

Rather than throwing away a perfectly serviceable iMac, if printing is the only pinch point, why not be a bit more specific about your problems and let’s see if we can help.

I used to use Windows from version 3, right up to XP, developing software. I also used to look after the Windows machines for several clients and was never out of work, trying to keep up with all the problems that updates caused and generally setting them up because it was far from intuitive for the average busy business owner. One of my clients had the motherboard fail on two Windows boxes in the same day. I suggested moving to Mac and, after a couple of weeks of him cursing because everything was done differently, he suddenly realised that 1. things were actually easier and 2. he no longer had to call me in to fix them.

The M1 chipset is new and there was always bound to be teething problems with existing software, especially apps like PL which previously made intensive use of the GPU. There are others on this forum who are running M1 Macs who would be more than willing to help if you can supply accurate details of any problems you are experiencing with PL.

Can’t comment on that, never tried, but fits the picture… :grin: For both PL5 and C1 22 I use the “Epson Print Layout” app as it was quite easy and reliable to add profiles for Ilford FineArt papers. Works well with an Epson XP 15000. And already worked well on OS 11, as it is now with OS 12.3.1

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Updating from Catalina to Big Sur is now no more a problem. You can safely do this.
I work on a mac book pro 16" with icore 9 processor. In the beginning there do were a lot of problems with BigSur and I had to down-grade to Catalina. But now all problems are solved.
But like you I am afraid updating to monterey (may be it is too new). May be we can better wait some months, then all problems will be solved.
good luck

I’m stuck on Monterey (M1 Max MBP) and have to say I found Big Sur to be more reliable and consistent. I’d stay away from Monterey as long as possible if I could. There’s a very bad Monterey Finder memory leak and all kinds of issues with Bluetooth. I’ve had huge issues with USB monitors (HP Z32) interfering with other ThunderBolt ports which worked just fine with the iMac 5K 2020. I’m not the only one who has seen display issues (although now that I’ve removed USB-C video from the mix, I am able to power three external monitors smoothly).

I don’t use Bluetooth on a computer much so the Bluetooth issues have not been much of a burden for me. Runaway memory (more with Rosetta 2 apps like PhotoLab 5 than with the Finder) has been a huge issue.