PL5.5 does not recognize Z9

I just upgraded to PL 5.5.0 Elite (Windows 10) and ended up grading all my DXO software to the latest version. Just got a Z9 and this has been my first chance to play with PL5 and Z9’s NEF. It doe not work. I’ve loaded all the lens/camera modules and the message I get is “This image can not be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DXO PhotoLab.” How do I fix this?

Hello and welcome.

If you are shooting NHE, Photolab do not yet support that tico raw format.
The ordinary NEF formats are supported though.

Could that be it?

Nikon provides no explanation to the 3 NEF file saving modes. Under “RAW recording” in the Photo Shooting Menu there is "lossless compression, High efficiency* and High efficiency. I had it set to one of the high efficiency position so I guess my NEF files will emain unreadable?

Setting it to NEF lossless compression should enable PL to read it.
That’s a good old solid format.