PL5.3 Cropping ratio drop down showing wrong ratio

This is a subtle one - I’m sure this is a regression from previous versions.

I start by cropping an image to a new custom ratio of 1,37:1…

Then I move to another image and crop it to another custom ratio of 1,56:1…

Now, I move back to the the first image and click on the cropping tool…

Notice the ratio is now showing 1,56:1 instead of the 1,37:1 originally assigned. But, as can be seen, the image crop remains at 1,37:1

I was trying to print an exhibition and making heavy use of custom ratios and ended up having to re-crop some as I corrected the ratio back before realising what was happening.

This only seems to be happening with custom ratios - so far, I haven’t had the same problem with “standard” ratios.

Can reproduce this issue with DPL non macOS 12.4 on M1 MacBook Air
Can’t reproduce with (my favourite) DPL on macOS 12.4 on iMac 2019.
→ looks like the last used ratio carries over to the next crop.

Could you confirm it doesn’t do this if the last ratio was one of the standard set?

Exactly. This looks like a bug and has been reported.


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