PL5.3.0 "Kludgy" change to AS(OFF) behaviour doesn't produce expected results - no Conflict 'S'

@sgospodarenko I have stated during PL6 beta and here PL5.3.0 on Win 10 appears not to fix missing Conflict 'S' with JPG and produces unexpected 'S' for RAWS? - #3 by BHAYT just what I think of the “arbitrary” changes that DxO has been making to PL5 effectively deprecating features!

With AS(OFF) the original strategy would take metadata from the image when the image is discovered for the first time and the not take any metadata from the image but flag any detected change with the Conflict ‘S’ icon.

Now with AS(OFF) PL5 will only take the metadata from the DOP on that first discovery.

But accepting it is what it is (and I don’t) I then expect some form of consistent use of PL5 features so I tested the software as follows;

  1. Took some data, JPGs, RAWs and xmp sidecar files and their associated PL5.2.1 DOPs to new directory.

  2. Added a simple keyword to each image and navigated to the new directory (for some reason this required a PL5.3.0 restart)

  3. Discovered the new directory in PL5.3.0 (after the restart).

  4. All the metadata was as it had been left in the DOPs after the PL5.2.1 tests, I wasn’t really expecting anything better but one can hope.

  5. Changed the metadata after the PL5 initial discovery and nothing apparently detected until an ‘F5’ which showed the RAW ‘S’ icon but not the ‘JPG’ the existing “bug” I reported and just re-reprted as not fixed with PL5.3.0,

What would I liked to have seen?:-

  1. At the very least I expected a Conflict ‘S’ on every image, i.e. I expected PL5 to check if there had been a change in metadata in the “window of time” between the creation of the DOP and its discovery/re-discovery by a PL5 system!

  2. Taking the metadata from both according to date/timestamps might have been even better but possibly more confusing to the users!

I now have out-of-date data in my PL5 database with no indication that is the case. You know how many times I have asked for the ability to request a comparison and this is the classic case, but should be unnecessary because PL5 could have done a quick check and detected the situation and alerted me via the Conflict ‘S’ icon!

PL5.3.0 failed to find the new directory until after a restart:-

Attempting to find the new directory failed even after multiple attempts at clicking on arrowheads at various points in the hierarchy and use of the ‘F5’. It is possible that I didn’t do what I should have but …