PL5.2.1 omitting lens correction on export (resolved in 5.2.2)

The new update released on 27 April forgets to do lens correction on at least some exported images, even though the screen preview is corrected. I saw this on an Intel Mac with RW2 images from the Panasonic DC-TZ220 camera. I reverted to 5.2.0 and all is well with unchanged DOP files.


I’ve seen this happening on an M1 Mac as well now, and with raws from a Panasonic DC-GX9 and DC-G9.

I’ve submitted this as a support request.

Further info from the Console Log when exporting a TZ220 image:
*** DXFProfile load: engine not initialized
*** profile “<DXFProfile: 0x600003935620> id=C55017a (Panasonic TZ200 / Lumix TZ210 / ZS210 / Lumix ZS200 / ZS210 + Panasonic TZ200 Lens (RAW))” not loaded, corrections will not be able to use it

This occurs even after re-downloading the camera+lens module.

It looks the problem is here with Olympus .orf files .

I submitted a bug report yesterday, Request #331370.
I’m on an M1 MacBook Air, MacOS 12.2.1
DxO PhotoLab version 5.2.1 Build 62

No distortion corrections are being applied to exported jpegs. I really hope the dev team is working on this, the software is completely unusable for me now. I’ve lost two days of workflow so far.

You should be able to revert to the previous version of PL using Time Machine - that’s what I did, and it works fine. Take a database backup first, just in case!

I have also submitted a bug report now, request #332815.
I agree that lens correction is not made in version 5.2.1, because if I compare jpegs made from the same RAW image (Nikon NEF-file) with version 5.2.1 and 5.2.0 respectively, jpeg made with version 5.2.0 looks much sharper.

Possibly related to this: DPL 5 stopped processing files with certain body/lens combo

Here the same … on my Mac Studio (M1 Max) the lens correction is omitted on my Fuji RAW files when I transform the in DNG files.

My bug has been referred to the developers over the weekend, hopefully we will see a resolution soon.

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I have exactly the same problem with my Mac and PL 5 with my Olympus raw files. Had to revert to PL 4. Photolab 4 versus 5. This issue did not appear in the previous version of PL 5, which I believe was 5.2.0.

We have identified a bug in certain situations affecting specifically version 5.2.1. We are preparing a fix that will be released soon.

If your processings are showing that issue, you can temporarily revert to version 5.2.0 ( until version 5.2.2 is out.

Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.


@cdx , does this fix the following issue too?

That’s plausible if you get the same messages in as OP.

Thank you. That link to 5.2.0 is exactly what I needed. :grinning:

New update 5.2.2 b65 just released appears to have fixed my issue - thank you, DxO.