PL5.1 coordinates and google maps

I really appreciate the new function that allows to open google maps by clicking on a geotagged image. Thank you, DXO team. Still, I want to suggest 3 possible improvements for a future upgrade.

  1. A new tab is opened every time I clikd on an image (Firefox, I have not tried Chrome or any other browser) Is it possible to reuse the same tab?
  2. This function is (as far as I have seen) only available in customize mode. Can it be moved to the library, as the trash bin symbol for deleting images?
  3. What about the possibility to select map system, for example openstreetmaps in stead of goolge maps?

A new tab is opened each time you click on “See on map” in Chrome too.

it doesn’t work here… on MacOS Catalina

I believe that for it to work the image must already contain GPS data.


Certainly ! I wouldn’t have asked this question if my photos weren’t geotagged :rofl:
But thank you for your answer …

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It doesn’t work either on Big Sur :smirk:

I feel less alone…
Thank you for answer.

I find that the function needs a toolbar icon - at least when we can also add coordinated through the map.

@Joachim If you show the Metadata palette in PhotoLibrary you will see the map icon, so it is available in both modes of PL.

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In this context I want to link to my old suggestion:
If I right-click in the google map on a position, I can copy the coordinates in one step: “XX.41298751081041, Y.929338014939609”, if I would have in PL a possibility to copy it in one menu to separate the coordinates than it would be very easy to get geotagged pictures.

Thank you, I missed that.

Hi there,
Can you confirm the following please?

• You have a picture with valid GPS coordinates (at least latitude and longitude)
• You see the “map” icon next to the Latitude input field
• You click on it and nothing happens


There is at least one blind spot: The map icon goes grey…
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-09 um

The option is inactive (AKA the icon is greyed out) if there are no coordinates…

Yes but the GPS coordinates 0,0 exists :joy:

Show me first a picture taken exactly where Latitute and Longitude intersect :smiley:

As soon as I find a boat :grinning:

You’ll also need a very precise positioning instrument, not sure it’s even available for civilians…

Seen like that, we will say that the probability is zero.
My boss would tell me, if the probability exists even tiny, we must anticipate, we will not come back later.

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Not zero, rather close to :wink: