PL4 : where is the trash icon?

On previous version of PL, when using the strip view, we enjoyed near each thumbnail, a little icon trash located on the bottom right of each thumbnail. This icon allowed to simply put an image in the trash.

I don’t see it on PL4… gone! Why have you decided to take it off? It was pretty useful.
Of course we can still go to the right-click with the mouse to delete the image. But what a waste of time compared to the little trash icon.

Is there any option to reactivate this icon that I haven’t seen?

Hello @AlexM,

It does not disappear anywhere. Could you, please, check if you have it enabled in Preferences?

Svetlana G.

We could do with these options on Mac as well



I guess than Alex is on Mac, and on v4, the dust bin on thumbnail has disappeared.
There is already another post on this:


indeed I am on mac.
I have voted to have this button featured!

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