PL4 vs PL2?

I have been using PL2, and I’m at a loss as to whether PL4 really has any sizable advantage over PL2?
My main gripe about PL2 has been the masking tool (it is not very granular, I like the LR and C1 masking tools much better).

I would appreciate any notes from PL4 users about what they liken PL4 as compared to PL2.

PL4 is a very significant upgrade over PL2. Its usefulness to you will depend on your requirements and how you use it. PL2 is missing the Local Adjustments panel, the color wheel and color picker, keywords, search features, a completely new repair/clone tool, a visual history panel, batch renaming, a watermark editor, DNG support and other upgrades. The crown jewel is DeepPRIME which takes noise reduction to a whole new level and is arguably the best noise reduction commercially available. Whether any of this is worthwhile to you, only you can judge. You can download the 30 day trial version of PL4 and see for yourself.

With regard to your granularity concern with the local adjustment sliders, are you familiar with the need select a slider, hold down the mouse button and drag you mouse pointer to the right of the slider before moving it up and down to change values? The farther away to the right of the slider you are, the greater the granularity.



As wrote by Mark the local adjustment has new very usefull tootlset.
Invert, opacity of all or per adjustment, copy mask. Was already in v3.
If you love prime then deepprime blow your mind to heaven.
HSL colorwheel, much much better color control then the old HSL like tool.
Clearviewplus, less agresive then clearview.
Cloning and repair is better to handle, aldoh i can’t remember if v2 has cloning and repair or only “repair”.

I think you will be happy to pay the fine for the upgrade.

My favorites

  • SPEED: DPL4 is smoother and more efficient
  • the new HSL tool
  • DeepPrime (if supported by GPU)

Thanks so much, to all who responded!!

DeepPRIME works without a GPU, albeit much slower

true, on my Mac, DeepPrime is seven times slower without GPU: 70 seconds instead of 10 per image.