PL4 trial expired


I wanted to evaluate the new PL4 but it says my evaluation time is already expired… (on a win 10 64 bits platform)
My guess is it’s because I tried PL3 before buying it last year.

I think it would be wise for you to fix that, it might help getting more customers.


Hi Baptiste,
Thanks for your feedback!


I have discussed with our dev teams, and they confirmed that each PL trial is independent from the previous version. So, you should be able to install and use PL4 for 30 days, even if you have already used the PL3 trial a while ago…

Just to be sure, could you just answer the following questions please?

  1. you have installed PL4 for the first time on your computer (y/n)
  2. the first time you have launched the trial, PL4 says “Trial has expired” (y/n)
  3. you’re a PL4 beta tester (y/n)

Feel free to add any additional info.


  1. First time install of PL4 (v4.0.0 build 4419)
  2. First time I launched I got the “expired” message (in French “Vous avez déjà consommé votre période d’essai sur cet ordinateur” + “DEMO EXPIREE” on the splashcreen).
  3. No I am not a beta tester.

I still have DXO optics 11 and photolab 3 installed.

Thanks for the details. We’ll investigate the issue.
I’m sorry about the problem you’re having with the PL4 trial :frowning:


I don’t know if it matters, but is your computer’s clock giving you the correct time and date?

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I’m having the same issue, date and time on my clock are correct.
Trial period shows as expired even though I just downloaded and installed it today.
I’d love to buy it based on the ads and reviews I’ve seen but it’s hard to pay so much money without trying it first.

Hi there,
I’m sorry for the issue: this is not normal at all!
Our trial is there to let you fully test our product and take your own decision! Something is wrong here…

@sgospodarenko do we have something known about this specific issue?


Nope, this is not correct at all - you should be able to use 31-day period of Trial. But as personal information will be required to investigate and solve your issue, please create a ticket in

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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