PL4 support for DNG from iPhone

Just trying out PL4 for noise reduction, optical correction, etc. New to the S/W.
I am using iPhone XS with the ProCam 8 app that shoots DNG.
PL4 does not read the DNGs. It says “This image cannot be processed because of an unknown error. Unsupported format”.
I read on the web (however reliable that is) that ProCam 4 is supported. And I know PL supports iPhone X (but no later!!).
I’ve even tried running the DNGs through Adobe DNG converter first.
Any ideas? THX

The iPhone XS is not supported yet.
Best thing would be to enter a proposal here: Suggest Module - DxO

Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker. I also have an iPhone 12. DXO should make it clear they do not support Apple devices (apart from old ones).

It is made clear: Supported Cameras - DxO

No recent phone seems to be supported…
Which is a pity as DeepPrime would make a very interesting processing to phones DNG.

For iphones 12 Pro (and ProMax), the DNG are linear DNG - already processed (demosaicing & noise reduction is already applied), so DeepPrime would be useless.

However, if someone wants to have all his photo files handled by the same software… this could be a deal breaker indeed.

By clear, I meant have a clear link on the product page.

Capture One is my go-to. But I also use other tools for other means (e.g. Luminar AI). Thing is, DeepPrime is excellent at noise reduction. Or ProRAW. But no DXO product will support iPhone XS or later, so none of them are any use if these devices are in your arsenal.

Not quite true. If you change the Camera Model with MetaImage, you can fully edit iPhone DNG through iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 12 DNG offer limited functionality while iPhone 13 shows a loading error.

iPhone DNG results in PhotoLab 5 are stunning.

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Alec, This is great, thanks for sharing - using my iphone 14 pro it loads in Phot Library but I get an error in Customize. Will do some more testing. Hope there is a work around or I have say good bye, au revoir to DXO

I couldn’t find a way to get any DNG beyond iPhone 11 Pro to work reliably. Another reason not to upgrade my iPhone. It really makes me cross that DxO is crippling Photolab like this. I don’t want to work in two environments. I’m frustrated to mostly have to stick to jpg images on my iPhone (as the workarounds are just inconvenient and painful enough to take the joy out of using Apple DNG). Let me know if you figure out a way to improve the workflow.