PL4 (Mac) bug or feature

I recently noticed, the small recycler icon in edit mode isn’t available in PL4 anymore when running PL4 on macOS. Instead, some image show a complete new icon without any hint.

  1. is the missing recycler a bug (I got information, that that icon on Windows still exists)
  2. where is that other icon for?
    PL3 PL4 new_icon

The bin is gone indeed. To delete an image…

  • press command-backspace or
  • use the context menu or
  • use the menu

The “camera with the broken lens” icon means that module based corrections cannot be applied, because PhotoLab…

  • has applied corrections already to this exported image or
  • cannot read the metadata that hints at the required optical DxO module or
  • has no optical DxO module for the camera+lens used for this shot

Yes, very disappointing . I raised the question here but I guess no one else misses it.

…still use Lightroom for all management of assets, I never used the bin-button except for testing :wink: and I often switch off all those icons for a less busy GOO-EE.

I’m using ViewNX2 for selecting and voting. Next, the selected images are copied to a special folder to be developed by PL. Every now and then, I’m deciding to not develop a certain image and delete that one. So, the icon makes it easier, but it would ease the workflow because I would not have to switch from mouse to keyboard.

I set up a feature request, you can vote here: Thumbnail delete button - PL4 - Mac

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