PL4 Local Adjustments cause Export to DNG failure in Windows

Just tried exporting to DNG for the first time in tPL 4.01 and it failed with an unknown error.

After experimenting with a lot of alternative versions of the image with and without various edits I found that the cause was the inclusion of Local Adjustments. I tested this on over a dozen other images in other folders and with other cameras and always got the same results. Adding a local adjustment caused the export to DNG to fail. Removing Local Adjustments resolved the issue.

To sum up, Local Adjustments caused export to DNGs to fail 100% of the time. Removing those Local Adjustments fixed the problem 100% of the time. No other edits, including Repair/Clone masks seemed to cause this problem. Can anyone else confirm my findings?


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Hello Mark,

it seems DXO is aware of it and working on it, see here: Possible Bug with DNG export of CR3 file


Thanks. I saw that message but hadn’t read it yet because I don’t shoot .cr3 raw files. It appears to be the same issue. I use Local Adjustments extensively so I’m glad that DXO is working on resolving it and hope the fix will be available soon!.


I have the same Problem with Nikon .NEF RAW Files.

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Good morning guys,

The problem does not depend on the camera body at all. And this is exactly the same - Possible Bug with DNG export of CR3 file

So let me close it as a duplicate.

Svetlana G.