PL4 issues on Mac and 4K screens

PL4 on my Mac (MBP Pro 13" 2020) crashes randomly. no idea why. Some performance and user experience issues I didn’t pick-up during beta testing:

  1. Photos on 4K monitor are mostly blurred (thumbnails and full size). It takes 5-10 seconds for an image to render correctly and that usually after zooming to 100%. Not an issue working with one photo but boy, what a PITA when running a portrait photoshoot!
  2. Almost every adjustment makes the photo blurry for a second before applying the correction. Mostly noticeable and annoying when performing detailed adjustments.
  3. When copy/ pasting applied corrections why PL doesn’t remember the LAST selected settings when pasting corrections on all consecutive photos (like in LR)?
  4. When applying star rating to an image why does the interface jump and selects the new rated photo? Why not just apply the star rating and leave it alone? This is really annoying when working on a shoot and trying to select photos quickly for later edits.
  5. Slow JPEG export. why does it take 90 seconds to export 12 photos from CR2 to Jpeg (same size) on a new hi-spec MBP? Same photos took about 15 sec. in Lightroom?
  6. When creating a Virtual Copy to an adjusted or ‘fixed’ photo, not all adjustment are copied. For instance, skin repairs are not copied. Not sure if this is a bug or on purpose.
  7. Where is the History panel?

I can comment on a few of your queries, Migo …

Got to menu => Workspace and select DxO Standard … The History panel will appear in the LHS palette.

Are you sure ? … That’s not what should be occuring - On initial creation, a Virtual copy should be an exact replication of the original "M"aster version.

If that’s 90secs per image then I agree it’s not great. However, if you mean 90secs for 12 images (or LT 8secs per image) then that’s impressive, by my experience.

John M

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Thanks @John-M
I just exported the same 12 image in LR and it took 20 seconds. Not sure why it took ten times longer in DXO.
The Virtual Copy was probably a fluke. I just tried again and it copied all the local and global adjustments.

Is that with PRIME or DeepPRIME applied? That would explain the difference.

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Nothing special or NR applied. This was a quick portrait session and I needed to work quickly. I used whatever corrections DXO applied and exported selected images.

90 seconds in PL4 vs. 20 seconds in LR is 4.5 times longer, not “ten times longer”.
As for why, you’d have to compare the settings in both apps and the quality of their output to make sure settings don’t account for the time difference before concluding that one is inherently faster than the other.

Thanks @Jacques4242
My 10 times longer was just semantics not scientific -).
Anyhow, you are right. I ran tests again and both performed more or less the same without adding any corrections.
Still having issues with rendering especially on 4K and retina displays but that’s a nother issue.