PL4 Histogram height much reduced

I’ve noticed that the height of the histogram in PL4 is much reduced compared to PL3

Capture d’écran 2020-10-27 à 11.19.04

Capture d’écran 2020-10-27 à 11.18.40

In Windows, you can change the height of the histogram by clicking on the bottom of the histogram (not the bottom of the palette). Mac, I don’t know …

Mac, no :roll_eyes:

Yes it is.
I remember we discussed the matter (before) and hopefully changes should come at a later point in time.
The size is for sure one attribute to check. Resizable like on Win platform would be nice.

And while we’re at it:

  • I find that the histogram background and the tool frame should not be of that similar color, this choice makes the histogram edges hard to see.
  • If you like it flat, make it flat and draw a line around it, but please make it more visible than what we’ve got now.
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