PL4 - filtering disappointment


It seems there are no changes in the filtering system in PL4. I can’t still figure out how to quickly filter on only one filtering option, for instance only “Rejected Images”. There are no filter profiles or action to clear all filters. If there is at least a feature like “Option+click on specific filter” to select only that filter. Another example is to filter only pictures “Only with PRIME noise” reduction, I need to disable two other noise reduction options.

Or is there something I’m missing on the filtering system and features?


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Yes - As well as the existing “Reset” button, a “Deselect ALL” button is also required.

I can’t find it quickly now, but I recall this being a “Which feature do you need?” topic some while ago. You might like to propose this as a new feature … I’ll vote for it.

John M


Agreed would be great to have!


Feature suggestion created: Filtering - deselect all filters or quickly select only one item with Option+click

Please vote :wink:


I haven’t tried PL4 yet but this is the one big improvement I was hoping for, so I too am very disappointed. I have voted.

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Exactly! Moreover, this “feature” must have been so simple to program, so that I don’t understand why it’s not there. Maybe they have a total rework of filtering under construction…

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It are the first steps towards a new interface. The look, feel and functionality will likely be fleshed out over time.