PL4 Elite latest update--cannot rename single image (Windows version)

While the batch renaming option seems to work as shown in some of the webinars, I cannot figure out how to get the option to work to rename a single image.
Right clicking a single image brings up the context menu, click on Rename image, and a small box with the current file name appears right on the image but there is no way to rename. If I move the mouse to that tiny box, it disappears.
Is there a way to rename a single image or not? Or is this a bug?

Under the edit menu there is a rename file command. Click on this and then rename the file.

You can click on the name on the bottom of an image in the image browser and rename it there. There is no separate rename popup dialog box for renaming a single image like the one used for batch renames. Hopefully, now that there is a batch rename dialog it will eventually be modified for renaming a single image as well.


Function key F2.

Tried that. Cannot rename a single image.

Will try that again.

Will try that. Usually the window disappears when I move the mouse pointer.
Yes, it would be nice if the rename dialog worked for single images–in fact, weird that it doesn’t.

The image disappears when you move the mouse pointer? I think you must be referring to the info panel disappearing. Renaming an image has nothing to do with the info panel. Just select the image name directly under the image and it turns into an editable text box so you can rename it .


Good morning @nikki,

Nothing has changed for the one file renaming (F2/Context menu or direct click on the image name) will get the image name editable but you should not expect the additional window as it’s done for the batch renaming. Batch renaming was just added and the existing one-file renaming was kept as it is.

Svetlana G.

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Mark and Svetlana

First, I never said anything about the image disappearing. I guess I will take some screen shots, because none of the solutions suggested works. The image name is not editable because when I move the mouse to the tiny box with the image name in it in order to change it, that little tiny box disappears before I can do anything.

Yes, please provide screenshots. It makes the investigation faster.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Sorry. Life intervened.
The confusion came from the the difference between the little rename box that pops up (which disappears) and the filename box with the image in the file browser window–which is editable, though it is hard to tell as you cannot see the entire filename initially.
So, figured it out with some playing around.

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