PL4 elite I want PhotoLibrary and Customize open at the same time

I just updated to the latest production release of PL4 elite – v4.1.0 Build 4467 . In the previous version, I had PhotoLibrary, the image being worked upon, and Customize open across the upper part, with an image browser from the current set (“folder”) visible in a portion of the lower part of the PL4 application. Now, I only seem to be able to get either PhotoLibrary or Customize, but not both. How does one restore the previous behaviour?

You could never have had both the PhotoLibrary and Customize tabs active at the same time. PhotoLab has never supported that. The closest you could come would be to have the image browser visible at the bottom of the Customize tab. See image below. If the image browser is not visible you can select Show/Hide Image Browser in the View menu or use the Ctrl-F9 key combination.


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Thank you for that clarification. There were other quirky things about the previous install – perhaps it was a defect. I use a view typically that you show as well – but I recall being able to get a preview of images as I was browsing, and that switch to customize without losing the folder (directory) list view. I will delete the question.