PL4 Elite and Viewpoint

I still have ViewPoint v3 installed as a standalone on my W10 machine, from the time before I upgraded my PL license from standard to Elite. Now I have PL4 Elite installed, do I need to keep the separate copy of ViewPoint, or can I uninstall it? I have a relatively small SSD from which to run all my software …

I’ve used PhotoLab Elite for years without separate installation of ViewPoint and FilmPack. VP and FP functionality is built into PhotoLab and can be used if the activation code of the respective product has been entered.

The integration into PL is quite good. You may only miss the little lenses for the point adjustments, but this is a small disadvantage.
I think you can uninstall the Viewpoint solo install. The activation inside PL is easy.

If you want to use ViewPoint with another software you need the standalone version right ?

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Hi, I get that; only I almost always shoot RAW, and only use PL4 to convert to TIFF or JPG. So if the only purpose of keeping a separate copy is to use it standalone, I can go ahead and remove it?

There is only one version. Once it is installed, you can use it both as a plugin for other software and you will see extra features appear in PL

I purchased Viewpoint 3 three years ago for use with PL 1. Uninstalling the standalone version last year did not affect the license for the integrated version in PL3 or PL4.


Yes I know that.
But what I meant if he wanted to use ViewPoint as a plugin with software other than DPL e.g. LR, he must keep the standalone version.
But maybe I’m wrong.

Thanks, Frank. Thanks for the warning, but I don’t use VP as a plugin for any other software.

Just a thought - if I remember rightly, you do need to use the standalone version to check for version updates.

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Thank you for that thought! Overall, perhaps I will leave well alone.


i never use them as stand alone but you reminded me to click on them
same for FP 5 new camera’s…

I don’t use them as stand alone either. If I don’t, is there any reason to update the stand alone copies, or does PL automatically handle update issues (e.g., camera updates)?

don’t know: what was the last update of pl?
where those camera’s also involved?

found this:

ViewPoint standalone must be updated to support new camera / lens combinations for distortion correction if required. In this case, it must also be updated if it is used as a PS or LR plug-in.
If you only use ViewPoint integrated with PL, there is no obligation to update VP: PL updates provide this.

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No, there’s no need to update the standalone version - - VP (and FP) updates are included in each new PL update (but they are activated only if you have a VP/FP licence).

John M

Thanks, John. That’s what I expected, but good to get a confirmation.

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Perhaps someone here can help me.
I have licenses for both PL5 and Viewpoint 3. How do I install Viewpoint within PL, so that I see all the perspective options?



Go to the “Help” menu and scroll down to where it says something like “Activate Viewpoint 3”, click on that and enter your license code and you’re good to go. Sorry but no screenshot available as the entry disappears after you activate. Also why I don’t remember exactly what it says.

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Viewpoint, like FilmPack, is already installed in PhotoLab. All the VP license does is unhide those features.


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