PL4 .dmp file created at startup with new graphics card

Yesterday I installed a new GTX 1650 graphics card in my PC. Everything I’ve tested so far works fine, export from PL4 with deepPrime is 4.5 times faster. Great!
However I just noticed that every time I start PL4, a new .dmp file is created in the AppData\Local\CrashDumps folder. Some are called DxO.PhotoLab.ProcessingCore.exe.XXXX.dmp, others DxO.PhotoLab.exe.XXXX.dmp, where XXXX is a 3 to 5 digit number. The file size is 63 to 73MB. I tried to open it with NotePad, but that only gives gibberish.
Does anybody know what’s going on?

maybe this helps for first self analyze 3 Ways to Analyze Memory Dump (.dmp) File • Raymond.CC