PL4 color issue


I have just purchased an upgrade to PL3, and having issue with color maganement.
The same DNG from my mavic pro drone has over saturared colors in PL4 compared with PL3 (see picture attached, PL3 on the left, PL4 on the right). I have disabled all options.

The default color temperatures display looks also different (5200 / 8) compared to (5400 / 0).
The RAW profile is Adobe.

In both version, the pref color profile is set to default screen.
Thank you for your help.

Hello @Averell and welcome to the forum!

Could you, please, provide me with the image? Please, upload it to under your forum name instead of ‘support ticket number’ and let me know when ready.

As for default Temperature - it’s calculated when you enable the correction - so it looks like in PL4 you did not do that and the default WB slider value is displayed but it’s not applied to the image - so it can’t influence the preview.

Svetlana G.

Hi Pierre,

based on what I see in your image, could it be that Clearview Plus has been applied in your v4 version?
I can’t confirm as I don’t see the corresponding palette in your copy screen, but the v4 rendering make me think about that…

Hi, I am closing this ticket as I have not been able to reproduce. I may have left a setting somewhere.
I also has this Nahimic service problem, which I stopped. May have impacted the color display.

Deeprime is very fast on my RTX2070 : 15s against 34s with prime on my RTX2070 / RYZEN 3700X.

I will keep both PL3/PL4 installed for a short while until fully confident with new version.
I like the tab organisation of options.

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