PL4 - Clone/repair can be amazing

There are times when Clone/repair can be frustrating, not quite getting it right but, just for fun, I thought I would try to put this helicopter into “stealth mode”

Capture d’écran 2020-12-18 à 09.35.32


The installed cloaking device is working perfectly. Thank the Klingons!

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i would be more impressed if it changed in a bird… :crazy_face:

(more serious, if we could copy paste out a second rawfile… that would be serious WOWH!
this would using be the same technique as stacking methodes in multi shot modes…)

Did a quick example:

en weg:


Sky is easy to replicate. Inpainting more varied backgrounds is where the beef is.

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sins we have choice of clone or repair it was a major leap in progress.
along with the feadering sliders you can knibble, smack large blobs in to place, and use all types on top of each other.
The detailed copy/clone/repair can be a hit and miss search sometimes and i would have some extra controls as

  • mirror and angle correction (flip windows and such
  • edgeline push and pull (so you can modifiy the selected outlining afterwards) kind of repaint and eraser in local brush
  • multi use of a smaller sourcespot, say i have a large area i want to repair with similair looks like brickwall i find my sourch patch and DxO use that to “nitt” that in the selected spot.

My above fun test shows a Raw files supporting pixel based replacement tool.
I need to shoot test brackets and burst groups to test this use and level perfection but in essence it has the potention to be used as ultimate cloning and repair. usage of more then one image to fill lost data/ blocked data by moving cars etc.
In my mind Clean Up is enhancing. getting rid off windmills, power cables, unwanted persons/bikes/stuff.

Sky replacement ok that’s a next level change because then you use the nitting as a database overlay choice and change the “mood” view.

Looking at the helicopter, it’s an NH90, so you’ll need more than visual cloaking. Around here I refer to them as the flying freight trains.