PL4 build 40 - Things I Found at First Sight

Just downloaded a DPL 4 build 40, installed it on macOS Mojave and ran a few tests.
This is what I found without digging too deep:

  • Migration from DPL 3 missed to bring along Modules, Presets and Watermark Presets
  • Settings were partially reset: Default preset was set to DxO Standard
  • Histogram is cut at the upper edge
  • Some localization omissions - unless they are meant as trademarks etc.

While I wrote this, build 42 popped up. It did nothing to the things above though.

Yep, Histogram cut for me too. Also for now at least one wrong localization to German. But forgot which. My problems with migration have already their own long post here. But presets, modules and the rest was fine. Changing the default preset was quickly done. Will try now the new build.

My custom presets (both those kept in main folder and in a subfolder) made it across safely on OS X 10.14.6. Good point about the histograms though. Some work to do there. Making the histogram a bit taller wouldn’t hurt.

You can stretch the histogram height by grabbing the bottom of it with a double arrow cursor (at least in the Windows version.). You have to play with positioning a bit for the cursor to appear.


Thanks for the tip, Mark. On OS X 10.14.6 this tip doesn’t seem to work alas. If someone else does get it to work, please let me know.

I am also seeing the “chopped” histogram as well on both macOS Catalina and in Windows10/2004.

I am seeing some other oddities but need to work with PL4 a bit longer to nail down consistent cause/effect (image thumbnail selection oddities, crop window coming up as portrait aspect ratio for images in a landscape aspect ratio, etc.). None of them are serious show stoppers but sometimes annoying. These are things that weren’t occurring in PL3.

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