PL4: any way to get the histogram into, say, the 'light' category?

I tend to hide the left column and browser when in ‘Customize’ - to use more of my stupidly-expensive color corrected screen real estate to look at the photo I’m editing. Is there a way to get it over there? I like to keep an eye on the right hand edge as change exposure compensation…
If it isn’t possible, then, yes, I know to submit it as a requested improvement in “which feature do you need?”

You can customize your workspace as mentioned in here:

You can’t modify standard palettes but you can create custom palettes to replace them in your custom workspace. The Histogram is in its own palette so you can just grab it and move it to the right side. Placement is a bit tricky. It will initially fall to the bottom of the right panel when you move it, but you can raise it to the top one palette at a time by using the Move Up Dock or Move Down Dock commands in the palette’s menu.

Mark .

Turns out that a workspace I created in PL3 (or maybe PL2) that I creatively named “my workspace”. Switched to that… and the histogram’s at the top in the ‘Light’ section. But… I have to go back to the ‘workspace’ drop down and re-select ‘my workspace’ to get the histogram to appear if I switch to, say, color’, and then back to ‘light’.

If you move the histogram (or anything else) to the left-hand column of your workspace, it won’t go away when you select one of the new adjustment filters (which only affect what is available in the right-hand column).

That’s fine, but I prefer to use that screen real estate for what I’m editing. I’m using a 32" screen, and with both columns and the browser, I get around half of that area to see what I’m doing.

Whichever button you clicked(Light, Color, Detail, etc…) just click it again and your preferred workspace will return.

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