PL4.3 / picture-browser cannot be shown (Mac)


after installing version 4.3 (build 57) on my Macbook Pro 2015 13 inch (MacOS: BigSur 11.2.3) the picture-browser is vanished. The arrow shows up when moving over with the mouse on the lower end of the display, but nothing happens.

The only possibility to see the picture-browser is via undock picture-browser, but then it shows up of course in a separate window.

Looks like a bug, isn’t it?


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Sounds like you have somehow shrunk the film strip (picture browser) window. Slowly move the mouse up and down in the region where you should find the handle to resize the film strip and then drag it up.

Hope that helps.

That’s one possibility - another might be if you’ve had your Image Browser open on another screen - and it’s become “a little confused” during the upgrade … in which case, toggle both Ctrl+U and Ctrl+F9 (See the View menu).

John M


FYI - By accident it has worked again, after I exported a bunch of pics from the picture browser window.