PL4.1 - Scrolling behaviour changed [Resolved]

This is particularly relevant to using an Apple Magic Mouse.

Before PL4.1, the main editing window would only scroll if the zoom level was greater than “to fit”. If you wanted to zoom, you could press either the Cmd or the Option key and scroll the mouse with either one finger or two.

Once the zoom level was greater than “to fit”, scrolling the mouse without a modifier key would move the image in the desired direction.

PL4.1 changes that

Now, zooming doesn’t require the Cmd or Option key and is a real nuisance when the zoom level changes when you thought you were going to move around in the image. Also, it doesn’t take but the slightest of touches on the mouse to provoke a zoom.

The new behaviour also requires that you press on the mouse to move the image around.

But hovering your finger above the mouse can provoke the lightest of accidental touches which then changes the zoom level

@StevenL After years of working without problems in one way, why has this been changed?


This renders my Magic Mouse virtually useless. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I was always so happy how easy it is to pan around with PhotoLab.

Now PL behaves like many horrible web pages with maps where the slightest touch of the scroll wheel (or the mouse surface) zooms in or out at random.

PLEASE change this back to the previous behaviour or at least make it configurable!

PS: Everywhere in MacOS the mouse “wheel” or Magic Mouse touch is used to move or pan, not to zoom. E. g. you move up and down in web pages or other documents, you move back and forth between previous and next page. Look at how it works also in the Preview App. PhotoLab clearly leaves the standard path here.

Hi there,
Unfortunately this bug has found its way into the last 4.1 update :frowning:
We are on it and it will be fixed soon. We are sorry.


Yaayyy!!! Tomorrow? :nerd_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Joanna, @Calle UPDATE: the latest PL update has fixed this scroll issue :wink:
Go download it!

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Yippeee doodley day !!!

Many thanks