PL3 UI performance on Win 10

Have the brave souls who upgraded to PL3 already noticed a change in UI (not export) performance under Windows 10?

Not had any issues so far in terms of performance.
Gen 4 quad core i3, ssd, cheap 2GB graphics card and 32GB Ram, so not very new or impressive specs either.

I would say it is a little more responsive if anything.

One crash on opening, but I got that with PL2 as well.

I agree. Performance is slightly better, not significantly better, but noticeable.


Comparing PL to other tools, the performance is much better. Loading changes and local edits is much faster than in Zoner, On1, etc.

I still have the occasional “stuttering” of the UI, when the mouse stops responding to my commands for a while. Only happens in PL (3 and 3.1).

I find performance great on MAC, on windows 10 it is still quite slow for me (compared to Camera Raw or Capture One) and keeps crashing on my desktop (i7 32gbram SSD 1080TI) but working more steadily but crazy slow on a surface pro 3. Overall the UI is still better and more flexible on MAC which makes me think this is developed for MAC and THEN ported to PC.

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It’s written in .Net, I assume for portability.