PL3 - Missing split tonings and filters


Photolab 3 under Windows 10 user here; the Split Toning and Filter drop-down lists are empty, except the split toning has only Sepia.

With Photolab 2 I had many filters to choos from (cyan, warm, yellow, red etc.) and a few other split tones.

By default, the choices are empty. I took screenshots of the Split Toning and Filter sections to show what I mean.
filter split%20toning

Has anybody any idea of how to add the filters and split tones back in their drop-down lists?

FilmPack licence number absent or can also result from improper installation.

Hello @lari,

Yep, it looks like you’ve got a problem with FP license. Could you, please, check if you’ve got it activated?
In this case you won’t have FilmPack entry here:


and FP version and license is displayed in the splash screen.

In most cases if you have FP installed and activated (I can judge about it by your statement about PL2) it’s automatically acquired by PL3 but probably you faced an improper installation behavior.

You can try to uninstall and reinstall PL3.

So, please, double check and let me know your result.

Svetlana G.