PL3 - missing Local Adjustment lower tool bar

Activating ‘Local Adjustments’ on the Mac version triggers a lower tool bar containing the following: Control Points (+/-), Show masks, New mask, Reset & Close. Sadly on Windows this bar does not exist. When I contacted support I was directed to the non-floating GUI activated via the Radial menu (?) which provides info on the shortcuts to the above functions. Whether using mouse or tablet the missing tool bar is far from conducive to a seemless workflow.
Why this tool bar is omitted is strange as one is designed in for Crop, Horizon, Red Eye & DXO Viewpoint.
Another omission occurs in the floating ‘Local Adjustments Panel’ where Automask, Brush, Graduated Filter & Control Point appear on the Mac version but again unavailable to Windows users.
Please vote for both above and hopefully DXO design team will include in the next update. Thanks

Many interface inconsistencies since a long time.
I would add the bar, lower or higher depending on the functions.

Thanks for reply. Just to be consistent the Local Adjustment tools should be placed in a lower tool bar similar to Crop, Horizon etc. and as per the Mac version. Sorry for repeating myself but this additional tool bar would provide the convenience of a one mouse or tablet pen click as opposed to the current finger manipulations on a keyboard.

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