PL3 Highlight & Shadow Clipping

Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before but I cannot seem to get the Highlight & Shadow Clipping icons, and their functions to work. I have not used them in a long time, but when I now come to use them they do not seem to work. I am using PhotoLab 3.3

Hello @Spike38,

If you enable Highlight or Shadow clipping or both you will see the affected part stressed with the color mask like this:

Svetlana G.

Thanks Svetlana,
Apologies again, I was largely finger trouble. If you attempt to invoke the shadow and highlight functions on an already cropped image the highlight and shadow functions do not show. I was already working on a group of 19/6 cropped images when I noticed the issue. The answer is to invoke the highlight/shadow functions on an uncropped image only, which is not what I wanted.