PL3.2 released :)

Hi all

I had the email and also PL3 GUI announces the new v3.2 as being available :smiley:
For now I have just downloaded it and also manually installed the DxO profiles for my E-M1mk3 body and my associated lenses.

In the meantime, it does look like some significant improvements to “Local Adjustments” and the “Repair Tool” have been (also keywording ~ though for me that is a lesser improvement as I still use LR as my DAM :wink: )

I look forward to any/all insights & user experiences of v3.2

TIA :slight_smile:

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I hope they added Radial filter to Local Adjustments. :wink:

How about those Selective tone sliders?
Any improvements? Are they by any chance just a little bit more ‘‘selective’’?

This is just a point release. The tone sliders have not be changed and there are no new filters in Local Adjustments.

This is what the changelog says of this:-
New in DxO PhotoLab 3.2
• Improvements to local adjustments
• You can now duplicate a mask either via the Local Adjustments palette or via the right-click context menu.
• You can now move masks that you created with the Brush or Mask Auto tools.
• You can rename a mask in the Local Adjustments palette.
• Mask functions in Local Adjustments are now accessible via the context menu (right-click).
• Keyboard shortcuts are now available to use for certain Local Adjustment features.
• Improved keyword management
• You can now edit a keyword by double-clicking on the keyword or via the context menu by right-clicking on the keyword.
• Keywords common to more than one image in a selection of multiple images are now visually distinct from keywords belonging to only one image.
• Improved Repair tool
• The Repair tool cursor is now easier to see.
• Repair masks are now displayed using contour outline rather than by colored areas.
• Automatic selection of a source area happens only once (upon creation of a correction area).
• Support for these cameras:
• Canon EOS-1D X Mark III
• Leica D-Lux 7
• Leica Q2
• Nikon D780
• Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III
• Bug fixes
• Correction of several scenarios which caused PhotoLab to quit:
o When the Nik Collection is installed in a folder with restricted access rights
o When you invert a mask while having the cursor on the mask icon
o When the printer pathway is corrupted
• Selecting the keyword text field is no longer affected by moving the mouse over the main window.
• Exported images now correctly display their keywords in Flickr.
• Improved PhotoLab stability
• Other minor bug fixes

I find it very helpful to index a folder and search for the keywords in PL3x, but the keywording usually takes place before it gets here.

Congratulations DxO on a great upgrade.

Local adjustments has now crossed a critical threshold with the new masking features.

Thank You!


I really like the possibility to copy layers and invert them! That’s lovely. But it does not work with control points. You can copy a layer with control points and even invert them, but I am not able to add points to the inverted layer.
Also the nature of the control points is against inverting them, tested with sharpening and bokeh.
But even inverting the automask seems to work good!


Thank you very much for this update.
I got my new Nikon D780 yesterday and at the same time PL3.2 was issued. :+1::smiley:


You cannot modify any mask when is inverted.
You must to cancel invert mode.