PL3.2 in a Windows virtual machine - was ok, since Win updates not

I’ve two virtual machines running Windows 10: one in VMWare Player, one in Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.6. Each has 4 CPUs, 6GB RAM.

PhotoLab 3.2 Build 4344 has been running fine in both, until the recent Windows 10 updates: KB4552931 (.NET Framework update) and KB4556799 (Windows 1909 updates). (The VirtualBox one has also had KB4497165, but that’s Intel microcode and this PC is an AMD Ryzen.)

Since then, PL has been crashing and / or failing to export files (“unknown processing error”) and / or failing to render them when browsing. Which images this happens with is not consistent - if it fails once on an image, it will probably work if the machine is rebooted, but once it’s started happening in an export run, it will probably affect more images.

Anyone else having issues like this?

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Hello @HalfBaked,

Just to let you know, running PL on virtual machines do not have official support by DxO.

Svetlana G.

a) They’re far easier to test than the 1,000,001 possible PCs out there.

b) Do a Linux version, or one that runs under WINE and I wouldn’t have to use a VM.

c) The fact that they’ve worked fine for ages but there have suddenly been issues with both of them suggests to me that it’s the WIndows update, presumably the .NET Framework one, rather than ‘running in a VM’ that’s the problem here.


Hello Ian,
that can also happen in physical environment. I think it was in February or March I can’t use PL with my Thinkpad W510, but my Desktop runs fine. The notebook was slow, crashes sometimes, or did not start PL…was hanging during start screen.
That happens after installing the NET Framwork KB4534132, and/or a cumulative 1909 Update. Deinstalling the updates at the notebook was the solution. Searching the web I found that some grafic chips and network chips causes the problems. Maybe it’s an idea to change the virtual adapters to other models?
So with all the problems the Win10 Updates brought the last months i stop the updates for 35 days and wait :grinning:

best regards


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The way that it’s OK, OK, OK, not OK and then increasingly not OK makes me wonder about a memory leak or similar.

Restarting the program has enabled it to work on files it was rejecting.

Dear Ian,
a few years ago we had similiar problem with on of our insurance apps within virtual machines. This took us a long time to find the failure. Thinking about a memory leak we analyzed the app with the sysinternals tool suite (procexp and procmon), but it was long and dirty way.

Good luck :+1: