PL2 update question

On opening PL2 this afternoon I was surprised to be notified that an update was available. I had been using PL2 yesterday and again this morning, but the notification only happened when I logged back in this afternoon. I have not yet updated to PL3, but given that this has now been released, I was not expecting PL2 to receive any more updates. Is it normal practice for DxO to release an update to an older version in this way? I’m not complaining, just surprised. (I am a Windows user).

PL 2 Update vom 5.11.2019
Was mich stört, wer Druckt aus PL2 heraus?
Und dann Kleinere bugs, was wurde da geändert? Oder sollen wir wieder mal Werbung wie den Nik Filter Button unter gejubelt bekommen?
Wie kann ich die Updates in PL2 in Windows 10 abstellen?
Der unter geschobene Nick Filter Button lässt mich immer mehr glauben, Software wie aus der Sowjetunion!

Warum verbindet sich PL 2 bei jedem Start mit DXO? Ist das DSGVO konform?

PL 2 update from 5.11.2019
What bothers me, who prints out of PL2?
And then ** smaller bugs **, what was changed? Or should we once again receive advertising such as the Nik Filter Button under cheered?
How can I turn off the updates in PL2 in Windows 10?
The pushed Nick Filter Button makes me believe more and more, software like from the Soviet Union!
Why does PL 2 connect to DXO every time it starts up? Is the GDPR compliant?


  • Yes, it is. The pevious version is still supported for some time for bug fixing.

Svetlana G.

Thank you, this is nice to know.


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What’s the policy regarding fixes to bugs that are reported by users: can we expect fixes in the version we’ve reported them on or not necessarily?

Would seem reasonable as long as the version they’re reported on is the latest at the time of the report at least.

Well, modulo that some bugs might not be easy to fix and require significant work that you might only want to do in the latest. I can understand that, but it’s also frustrating to pay for multiple upgrades to get bugs fixed. Tough call … :slight_smile:


We had many support cases about printing from DxO PhotoLab 2. Most of them were from our users from Germany. They reported us and asked to fix even minor issues.


  • It depends on the seriousness of the problem and as you correctly pointed time needed. But you do not need to pay for the updates - they are free during the whole version life. You pay only when you upgrade from one major version to another.

Svetlana G.

Yes, sorry, I wrote updates (free) when I mean upgrades (paid). (I’ve edited my previous post.)

Was für kleinere Bugs wurden geändert? Ich vertraue DXO nicht mehr?
Alle anderen Hersteller geben genau bekannt was Gefixt wurde. Das meinen, wie ich schon geschrieben habe, auch Bestimmte Menschen aus dem Osten Europas, das brauchen Sie nicht!
Es gibt Firmen die sind schlimmer als der KGB!

What minor bugs have changed? I do not trust DXO anymore?
All other manufacturers give exactly what was fixed.