PL2 settings in regard to trialling PL3

Hi all

I have downloaded PL3 but before installing it I would welcome some insights?

In another thread hereabouts there was mention of the way PL3 imports the PL2 database and ‘works with PL2 sidecar files’.

In PL2 my Preferences are ticked for:-
Preserve Metadata in XMP sidecar files

Corrections Settings
Save Settings in sidecar files
Load Settings from sidecar files

Now wishing to keep the ability to use PL2 whilst trialling PL3 and indeed afterwards if/when I buy PL3 what Preference Settings should I be aware of in PL2 and also PL3 to keep PL2 safe for further use as & when needed??? Also, any advice about the Database backup as appropriate?

TIA for any replies :slight_smile:

Hello Laurence,

in PL3 just tick the setting “Read sidecar files” and untick “Write sidecar files” for both preserve Metadata and also for procession settings. Once you are are happy with PL3 just turn all settings on which you want.
Once PL3 converts sidecar files from PL2 you can not read them anymore in PL2 BUT the database of PL2 with all its settings will stay and keep all the changes.

My recommendation for testing PL3 would be:

  • Create a “Testing folder” and copy over a few folders from your original picture folder structure
  • Work with PL3 only within the “Testing folder” and never touch your normal picture folders with PL3
  • After testing, just delete the “Testing folder” and all will be good.
  • delete the database of PL3

By doing the above you never run the risk of inadvertently messing with your PL2 sidecars.



You mean creating XMP-files before opening in DPLv2 (or now v3)?
if so this stays the same, for now, DPL is read only at this moment for XMP’s. So no worries there.
See manual: “Allows the application to process and export your RAW images while using metadata previously stored in an XMP-format file alongside the input image (e.g., metadata created by a program such as Adobe Bridge).” It only reads them.

Indeed what Sigi said:
But one safety step more.
1 create a folder in every image folder called “Sidecare backup”
2 copy all sidecars in there per folder-content. (Now you have persevered/back upped the v2 sidecars in there latest state. )
3 install DPLV3 go to preferences and uncheck the "save settings in sidecar file (.dop) automaticlly)
and if you like you can uncheck “load settings…” in V2 to keep your V2 Database in effected from changing sidecars by V3.)
No your safe to fool around without changing your work.
(DPLv3 generates new/or modify sidecars in every folder you are entering and if it does your backed up one’s arn’t seen or touched when you select “safe settings…” after a wile so your save for returning to pre V3 state by oeverwriting the sidecars with your back upped ones if you need.)
(i do this for all my archived rawfiles creating a timestamp backup sidecars so when i am having a issue i just use this backup .)

And indeed select some test images copy them in a “testing v2 against v3” and you can open this folder in both to do some editing without enter-fearing because the changes are inside the databases not effecting the sidecars.

After done testing your DPLV3 delete the database and check the preferences according to your liking.
(you can preserve editing in two way’s;
1- turn on “save settings” to overwrite all sidecars all opend folders.
2 select your images your want generate some sidecars for and use : File => sidecars => export
This way you preserved your work on those when you delete the v3 Database.

Have fun!
And you have a fresh setup for migrating to v3.

Thanks for the insight and it does make sense in a trial ‘environment’ :slight_smile:

As far as I can ‘understand’ it the overwriting of the .dop files as then only usable in PL3 and no longer in PL2 is a little like in LR when I accepted on an image by image basis going from Process Version 2010 to 2012 (I think those are the right number…my memory?).

The safety step that you mention is sensible but impractical IMO because I have 100’s of folders.

It is a pity that the software developers do not recognise the fact that users may like to retain their most recent version when upgrading and that the new version will be used on the same images…therefore (in the case of DxO PL) the new version creates its own .dop that is independent of the prior .dop This I surmise is best done by automatically creating the ‘safety’ folder that you talk of :wink:

PS If it were possible to save all PL2 .dop files en bloc in one pass that might be beneficial but then to have the ability to restore them on a case for case basis…??? Nope, makes no sense as it would be far better to have PL created a sidecar folder in the images folder structure rather than keeping the .dop sidecars in the same folder as the images (i.e. a daughter folder in each images folder as appropriate!)

So, thanks again to both of you :slight_smile:

I will be creating a separate test folder with copies of some RAW files to work on…but based on that, as I understand it, when PL3 is opened for the first time it’s first folder focus is on the last one opened by PL2, I will take the precaution of using PL2 initially to open that folder.

Once I am content that PL3 is AOK and I have little doubt that it will not be OK, I will leave the test folder ‘as is’ but delete the database. Thereafter, open and work on any files as needed but being aware that any previously developed in PL2 files will have their .dop sidecar files overwritten to version PL3.

Though, if I then for whatever reason open the same file in PL2 and develop it again I surmise the newly created .dop file would overwrite the version PL3 one???