PL2 memory usage?

I’m configuring a laptop for off-site use - and trying to choose between 12GB and 20.
I’ve been watching Task Manager on my desktop PC (32GB) and never see PL2 use more than 8GB (above anything else I’m running).
But maybe there’s a way to get PL2 to use more memory (and maybe go faster)?
Any thoughts?

Best speed boost that I experienced on my PC was after I exchanged my hard disk for an SSD.
Since you have a laptop and probably have no space for a 2nd internal drive, get as big an SSD as you can afford. 1TB drives are available for £100 or so. There are plenty of free applications that let you clone you hard drive to a SSD

Agreed on SSDs. This particular laptop has a Samsung 970 Pro M.2 - so about as fast as it gets for SSDs. I can’t even put spinning media storage in it.
I’m not expecting a PL2 speed boost from installing more memory than it needs - but I’d expect see a speedup if I go from not-enough-memory to enough. The question is, how much is that?
All that said, this is a laptop/ultrabook, not my main PC, so it’ll probably be CPU bound no mater what I do to it (mobile / low power intel chips all seem to be 2 core with 4 threads). I could get a laptop with a desktop CPU in it, but I didn’t want to lug something big/heavy - my camera gear’s heavy enough, TYVM :slight_smile: