PL2 "Loading error"

Photolab 2 on a MAc. Anyone know what the attached error means?

I’ve just upgraded to PL3 and get the same problem. Any ideas anyone?

What file format are you trying to read?

Nikon NEF files from a D700.
I don’t think the files are corrupt as Capture NX-D, Adobe Bridge and darktable both read them happily.

I have the same problem. How do you contact tech support.

No idea.
Glad I’m not the only one though…

Here’s a link to tech support.

Just for testing, copy the original image to another folder and try to open there. Sometimes the Database get corrupt and unable to repair the wrong data. If the new location is able to show the image, the Database ( or an old sidecar with .dop extension ) exist. If the image generate same error, unfortunately, the RAW file is corrupted.
Testing the Database integrity, you should rename the actual database in the c:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 2\Database
folder the PhotoLab.db file - meanwhile PL is not running. PL will generate a virgin new Database. If the problem still exist, the RAW file is guilty.


I copied the files to another folder and the problem went away, so the files are good (I thought they were as other programmes can open them)…

I’ve removed all *.dop files in the problem directory and the problem is still there.

I can’t find a file called PhotoLab.db anywhere on the system. Is it different on macs?


I’m on Windows, ask the MAC users about the location of the Database.
Unfortunately, the wrong sidecar file poisoning the particular file content in the Database. If you have a copy in another folder of the suspicious file, try to choose the Library tab and right click on the erroneous file -> Delete ( confirm the delete ). Hopefully, PL will erase the Database entry also. Close PL, reopen PL. Wait until PL fill the Filmstrip fully and copy the previously deleted file to the original folder again. If the Database deleted the old data set, the refreshed file will be editable without error. Double click on, and keep your finger cross …