PL2 and Catalina

Did all of the incompatibilities with MacOS Catalina get fixed in the last update or are there as yet un-fixed issues? If there are still issues will DxO issue a corrective update for PL2 or are they dropping it completeley now that PL3 is released?

I’ve just opened PL2 and a new update and repair for Catalina 2.3.3 build 47 installed. It wasn’t available yesterday as I used PL2 for hours. Thanks DxO!

All was said in this thread last night. Work in progress to get the update soon.

I’ve said the fix is already released, you’re pointing me to an older thread that’s saying they’re working on one. And no, I don’t sit up all night watching the multiple threads on this site, I’ve better things to do with my time. :blush: