PL06.14 Film strip fills the entire width after closing the window

One of the changes in PL 6.14 (windows-version) is “The collapsed FilmStrip is now visible upon undocking.”.
In my understanding this was never a problem: until now I could undock it and when I closed the window it was back where it used to be (below the image window). Now it suddenly fills the entire bottom page. Is that intentional?

Well, that’s how I know it – below the left pane, the big preview in the middle and the right pane, reaching from left to right.

ok, formerly it was between the left pane and the right pane, under the big preview in the middle.
Maybe you can explain, how I can change it back.

That’s the Library tab, not the editing tab

Between the Photolibrary tab and Customize, its location is different.

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The change of behavior with the v7.4 must be subtle … I don’t see a difference.

There was a report about the filmstrip, but I don’t remember it in detail.

Anyway, when in Library or Customize mode and press Ctrl+U
the filmstrip moves to my second screen ( seems to remember the last position )
and when I press again it moves back underneath like before.

checked in PL 6.14 and PL7.4