PL xmp sidecar

i don’t know if it been brought up at some point but can’t find the thread, anyway… i came across this today and i was… WHY?
why does PL create an xmp file for every raw file in that folder, if not even half of them are being processed in PL or processed at all. I just went through a shoot i did yesterday and processed 3 pictures out of maybe 26, but now they all have an xmp with them, why?

asking because to me it’s no sense and not helping at all, now i won’t know which one i really did processed. so going into preference, that’s all there is to be explain (see attached picture).

DxO… is that something that can be work on?

This issue has been reported already by @Joanna et al…

You might be able to find a few posts via the forum’s search function.