PL problems at exporting jpg to flicker

I don’t understand why but now I am saving a lot of jpg’s to flicker via PL I find its really struggling with them. Exporting RAW to jpg is no problem but I keep all my phone images in the same folder as the RAW PL will process. It can take 5 or more minutes to export each jpeg much longer than converting a RAW to jpg and saving that to flicker. Exporting them to the local disk is in seconds. Often I get errors saying flicker isn’t available, which may be flicker or PL. Directly saving the jpg to flicker takes under a minute and doing so from Affinity is also much faster and though less used has never had the “regular flicker not available” error that PL gets. But its so much easier to keep all the images in one folder (even easier if PL would just process them all as well which means two programs have to process them if I have used DNG!). Any ideas as to what going wrong?

I found over the years that multiple applications I have used have had problems uploading to Flickr. The delays and failures you describe are familiar to me.

Which is why I long ago abandoned the idea of direct upload and just use the Flickr web interface. These days it is very quick and reliable and you get to control keywords, albums, and groups during the upload process.

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I hadn’t had the problen when just processing RAW into jpg when PL was exporting. I have started to export the jpg to disk and after exporting the RAW from PL usong flicker to add the jpg to the created folder, as you say so much easier
I didn’t have the same problems the few times I used Affinity but that might just have been luck and as you say using the flicker direct uploading workes well so certainly for the jpg it the best way.