PL& Local Adjustments Issue

When using local adjustments, the mask remains active when going back to global adjustments, until another menu item from top bar (eg crop) is selected.

Also, when local adjustments are applied, the mask is NOT available when opening up the image later. The local adjustment shows but is not editable.

You can vote here to have this confusing state of affairs fixed, Anton.

And see here for a broader list of issues-to-be-fixed in PLv7.

John M

I have this issue too. Windows 11, PLv7 build 76. i7-12700h with RTX 3080 Ti laptop.

When I toggle away from LA tab back to any global edits the last LA tool remains active (CP, CL, GF, etc.). The local adjustments still show on the screen as does the cursor representing the last active LA tool. Choosing another tool, as noted above clears the active LA tool.

I don’t know if they are related but I also had a failure when applying a ClearView adjustment to an automask mask.

I closed/re-opened PLv7 and could not duplicate the error.

Edit: I rebooted again and the LA seems to be working differently (better). If I click all LA tools “off” before leaving the LA tab the “hand” cursor returns and my LA items do not show on screen.

Maybe I didn’t click off all LA tools properly last time. (I thought I did)


Hi Steve - Unfortunately, this is standard PLv7 behaviour - not a bug.

You can vote here - to to have this confusing state of affairs corrected in a future update,

Of course you can deactivate it by using the Esc or Enter keys.


Mmmm - I used the Esc key method today, Mark … with disastrous results !

I’ve had difficulty reliably reproducing the problem - but it goes something like this;

  • I have multiple images in Image Browser
  • I apply a LA; say, something as simple as a Brush (with Exposure set to max-negative, so that it’s obvious)
  • I shift to another tab (NOT the LA-tab)
  • Now I select all image in Image Browser (with intention to Export)
  • Then I notice that the Brush gizmo is still active … So, I press the Esc key
  • Whoaaaa !!! … It just applied the Brush LA to ALL selected images !!

My first thought was that I’d made a mistake by having multiple images selected whilst I applied the Brush LA (to all images) … But I’ve been able to replicate this simply by following steps above … so, it’s looking to me like there’s a “gotcha”.

In my experience, when you work on multiple images at the same time there is always a potential for issues. I generally avoid it if possible.


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Lessons to be learnt

  • With multiple images selected: Globals only!
  • Double check before engaging LA: Single image only?
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at the moment I don’t know any other app that use ESC for assigning something, or make a change to something. ESC is for canceling, or leaving an action, menu or…

That’s the lesson the developers have to learn


That was my initial thought too - but;

  • In this case, I was NOT working on multiple image at the same time … the issue arose when I hit the Esc-key with multiple images selected, and with LA-mode still active (but, the LA-tab not current).

  • Looks like the Esc key then executed an “Apply” … which reapplied the last applied LA (to ALL seelcted images)

The lesson I’ve learnt is that I must always “double-disengage” LA mode after using it !!

  • Otherwise, the current behaviour is dangerous.
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Actually, I have adapted well. I note that the crop tool does the same thing if left active. I can switch to other photos, select multiple photos, and switch tabs all with the crop tool active. So leaving the LA tool “active” appears consistent with a general tool behavior.

…feels odd nevertheless. No other app does that as far as I know. Shaking off shadows of the past can be difficult, but we’re not talking psychology here. It’s about software which should serve the user - or is it the other way 'round?


Cannot check anymore – version expired !

Same for me.

I agree, the clue is in the name of the key :slight_smile: