PL Elite should include Split Toning

I love PL and Nik Collection. My only beef is that even the Elite Version does not include Spilt Toning - and testing the FP trail, that Split Toning is even very bare bones. Unless I’m missing something, we only get a tiny HUE slider with 360 values, saturation but no tint, no color picker or swatches?

Sorry DxO, but from a “Elite” Raw Development Tool I kind of expect some top of the line Color Grading Tools. And, not to nag, but pushing people into buying the FP pack (which is a basic reuse of Nik Analog Effects) come across as greedy. I totally get the non-destructive part and I wish you would make all of Nik Collection part like that for PL - but Split Toning is such a basic tool, it should be part of PL natively.


I totally agree. When I was buying DXO Photolab 5 Elite I wasn’t imagining that there is no Split toning functionality.
Why should we buy a set of filters when we only need an ability to do it ourselves? Why do we need to buy DXO Film Pack Elite to get it?
I’m disappointed, as I came here from Adobe to avoid money grab, not to change subscription to another way to get my money :frowning:


DxO markets their products in several modules to keep the costs lower for those who don’t need all the functionality. To get it all you need the whole suite, PhotoLab, FilmPack, and Viewpoint. While the initial cost of the suite may seem high, it is consistent with Capture One’s initial cost.

However, the upgrade cost for the PhotoLab suite on an annual basis is much lower. Viewpoint has not been updated for 5 years as there has not been a need, and FilmPack was just updated for the first time in 5 years. Generally speaking the only thing you need to update on a regular basis is PhotoLab, but only if you choose to do so. Unlike Adobe subscription products, PhotoLab does not stop working if decide not to spend additional money on DxO’s products… .

Both FilmPack and Viewpoint also give you stand-alone versions which can be used independently or with other software in addition to their embedded features in PhotoLab. There is no money grab. They are great products at an appropriate cost. If they are too expensive for your pocketbook there are other less expensive software options available.

I purchased the entire suite in 2017 and have upgraded to new versions on a regular basis. I have never regretted that decision or the related cost.



Just a note: this is not correct. FilmPack is 100% original DxO software. The first versions were released long before DxO was interested in the NIK suite. FilmPack V1 was released in 2008.


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Well I’d understand that if the Film Pack would be a set of cool camera filters, but it also contains basic functionality like split-toning which should be available in main app. Instead it was cut out to make the high price of Film Pack more reasonable. Why would I have to buy film simulations if I never plan to use them? I would understand (although that would also be a poor move) that you could pay small price to unlock split-toning, but this?

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One question: what do you expect from a split toning function? If it is to act on the color (hue) of the highlights and the dark tones, I am not even convinced that FilmPack can do it. Can you clarify what you expect from this function?