PL and RTX Video Cards

Getting a new Windows PC. It will have Win 11, of course, and an Intel i3 or i5 CPU. Question-

Is the generation of Nvidia RTX video cards compatible with PL Elite v4.3.6 build 32?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I can’t see any reason why RTX cards wouldn’t be compatible with PL4.

Thank U. That’s pretty much my current setup. Win10 + GTX 960M. I need help with a much older PL 4 + RTX cards.

Maybe you have a good reason. Maybe you’re on a very tight budget, but if not why in the world would you ever buy a machine with an i3 processor in 2024?


I haven’t visited this forum in 5+ years. I certainly made the kind of splash I did not wish to do.
You are right. Why would I ever put an i3 or i5 CPU into a new photo computer?

I mixed up the requirements for a new photo processing notebook with the quite meager requirements for a quite simple desktop machine I’m going to buy.

Thx for keeping me honest!!

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I wasn’t trying to keep you “honest”. I was just really confused by the choice of an i3 or i5 processor. :grinning:


From PLv7 Release Notes:

If you’re expecting your new PC to last you for 5years (+) - then I suggest an i7 CPU (assuming you’re choosing Intel) … and definitely nothing less than DxO’s GPU recommendation.

Whether or not you get a new computer: if you decide to upgrade your video card to a late-model RTX card, don’t forget to also check your computer’s power supply to make sure it can power the card plus everything else in your computer. :slight_smile:


@milehigh By PC do you mean a desktop or a laptop, sorry read the later posts and the answer seems to be both?

Desktop machines can normally be upgraded, laptops essentially not at all.

This is a snapshot of PL4 running on my older desktop

and it appears to be happy with an old Ebay RTX 2060 and should be equally happy with a 3000 or 4000 series RTX. The higher versions need less power, e.g. 3060 and 4060., but the 3070 and 4080 are more powerful but more power hungry!

RTX 2060s can be bought secondhand for £100 or thereabouts and I have two running with my two old i7 4790K’s and an RTX 3060 in my 5600G. They offer about 80% performance compared with the RTX 3060 and the RTX 4060 is an improvement on the RTX 3060 in both speed and (lower) power consumption.

But if you are purchasing a laptop then go for the highest RTX you can afford.

Although power supplies are always talked about as being super important with graphics cards, DxPL does not use the GPU continuously, even during export.

PS:- Ignore the 4 export copies, I normally run all versions on all machines with two copies.

PPS:- If you supply an image & DOP with your “typical” PL4 edits I will create a batch and put them through PL4 running on the i7 4790K (RTX 2060) to give you some idea what you can expect from a machine with comparable power (or lack of it)!"

Because it are quite efficiënt quad cores? Yes, i5s are better. And if you can afford it, go for it. But the i3 isn’t a lowly processor. They have the pentiums and celerons or something like that for that range :wink:.

(Btw, my 35watt rtx 3050ti was already quite a noticeable improvement for dxo photolab). Any rtx card will work quite ok with it.

Doesn’t mean you should buy a 3050, again , if you can the bang for buck is a bit higher up the range. But even a 3050 will work and provide quite a performance boost . Any 4050 is also fine with PL.