PL 7 Local Adjustments

Am I missing something? Or is the ability to use ClearView no longer an option in Local Adjustments? I can not find a local ClearView palette to add to the Local Adjustment panel.

It’s showing for me, though I still have the pre-release version installed.

ClearView Plus is there already so you don´t need to add anything but you have to add a layer first to activate it and in that layer you have to fill it all or paint the part where you want to add the mask with for example the U-point for “Brush” or Luminousity Mask in the other example. No matter which masking tool choose but you have to apply a mask first.

Then it is just to turn off the mask, so you can see the effects when you apply ClearView.

It might be the case now that it gets a little bit more obvious that the Layer/Masking-tools in Photolab also have to be improved. You can do a lot with the tools that are there but compared to other converters it is not all that efficient.

So, I think what DXO now writes above every tread in the header is a bit too much:

“PhotoLab 7 is the most advanced photo editing software on the market for color — creatively, technically, and at every step of the workflow.” The last part is frankly not true.

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When I set up the Local Adjustments palette I added all of the adjustments that were prefixed with “local”, so that gave me 8 adjustments. When I could not find ClearView with a local label I tried using the normal ClearView on my details palette, but that adjusted the entire image so I assume ClearView was just not available. My mistake, and thank you for the posts.

This appears to be a big change in the way local adjustments are handled and I guess I need to spend more time figuring it out.

Thank you for the help.

This should not be necessary, just select the brush “tab” on the right end of the size palettes at the top. This is pre-populated.

Or you can activate the Local Adjustments palette from the Palette’s menu and use it floating…

and in Windows

Sten - - It may make sense to you to think of PL’s Local Adjustments as “layers” - - but, in PL vernacular (including all Help text) they are Adjustments (or, sometimes, confusingly; Masks) - - So, it’s likely to be confusing to others to refer to them as layers - even if that term seems appropriate to you.

FYI: More on this general topic here:

Well I don´t think it has anything to do with what I think or what makes sense for me really. Isn´t it just a fact already in version 6 that you have to select a “control point” of some sort and apply it to the image in order to get the equalizer-tools available?

In really it works in a similar way in version 7 too. Without applying a layer there will be no tools available - the difference is just that the tools now are “greyed out” or inactivated. Some differences are there with a couple of the tools: The “Color Wheel” and of some reason “Fine Contrast” - the later totally indespensable to many users. Do anyone know why I can´t find “Fine Contrast” in LA in version 7.

There has never been a Local Adjustment Fine contrast slider in any version of PhotoLab. Fine contrast is only available globally if you have a FilmPack license.


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I know but I rarely use either Contrast or Microcontrast since the later generates so much noise. PL still have some work to do to make tools available in LA that we are able to use globally.

Perhaps down the line they will do that. In this version of PhotoLab the new local adjustment sliders are mostly just a port of the sliders, previously available in the LA equalizer, to a new location .


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