PL 7.7.2 Cannot change default preset from Natural to Standard

Long time user of DXO. Most recently PL5, skipped 6. Just upgraded and installed PL7 (v7.7.2). My problem is the default preset seems to be stuck on “Natural” which is anything but natural, as it is oversaturated with a highlight cut, midtone boost, and with clearview plus enabled, none of which I want. I want my default preset to be “Standard” as I have always used as a base for editing, and much prefer.

In Edit - Preferences -General - Correction settings I have specified DXO-Standard for RAW images. Then close the dialog and exit PL7. Restart PL7, and the default preset has reverted to “Natural”, despite “Standard” being shown in the Settings dialog box.

I can change the preset for the image I’m currently processing, but it should not behave in this way. Please can someone advise, this is a real pain.

PS I have tried setting other presets as the default, eg Black and White, Optical Corrections only, etc, and no matter which I choose it always re-opens with “Natural” as default. Help!

At the time you first open a folder in PhotoLab, the current default preset for RAW and RGB files is applied to the files in that folder. Closing and restarting PhotoLab doesn’t change a preset that’s already been applied to files. Closing PhotoLab and either renaming the folder or deleting the database before restarting PL will cause the new default preset to be applied.

Thanks. I don’t recall previous iterations of PL working in this way. Does that mean that now I’ve reset the default preset to Standard in Settings, when I next open any other (i.e. differently-named) folder, the default preset applied will be Standard? And from then I’ll be working with Standard as my default in future?

In the meantime I’ve selected all the images in the folder I’m working on, and set the preset to Standard and that’s working for this set of images.

Also I’d like to point out that “Natural” is nothing like natural and really shouldn’t be the default preset for a new installation. The default should surely be something neutral but with optical corrections. Others may disagree of course.

It has always worked as follows;

  • For any newly encountered image (one that’s not in PL’s database and/or for which there is not an existing sidecar/.dop file), PL will apply the default preset - as prescribed in Preference settings … Otherwise, current database/sidecar settings will be retained.