PL 6 relationship with VP 4


Maybe it’s time to take stock of this issue because there are still many people being unclear about it. Moreover, I still don’t understand why there’s still no version of PL including the full VP package.

  • What are the geometry functions available in PL 6 if VP is not installed ?
  • What additional features are added after installing VP ?
  • Is PL 6 compatible with VP 3 ?
  • Is PL 5 compatible with VP 4 ?
  • Are there that many people using VP without having PL installed ?
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The following article provides some helpful compatibility charts. See the last one on the page:

DxO PhotoLab / DxO PureRAW / DxO FilmPack / DxO ViewPoint compatibility with OSes & third-party software – Help center

From this chart:

  • Yes, PL 6 is compatible with VP3.
  • No, PL5 isn’t compatible with VP4.

The relationship between PL and VP changed with PL6 and VP4. PL6 now activates the Perspective corrections palette without needing a VP license. This doesn’t include Volume Deformation and Miniature effect, however - plus the two tools added in VP4 that aren’t in VP3: mirror/flip and ReShape:

Are Perspective Tools available in DxO PhotoLab ? – Help center

As far as I know, those using VP without having PL installed usually continue to do their RAW processing in other software (or don’t use RAW at all) and call ViewPoint as a plugin or external application. DxO’s Nik Collection now includes an app with all of the functionality of ViewPoint 3: Perspective Efex - so that’s another way to get these tools (except for the new features in VP4).

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OK. Thanks very much for the details.

General setup:
ViewPoint is fully integrated in PhotoLab, but VP’s functionality will only appear if a valid VP license code has been entered - in PL or the standalone VP app. The VP app is not really necessary unless you like to use it e.g. because of its improved GUI.

PL6/VP4 specific: see above